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I started writing for the Daily 49er three years ago. As a staff writer, I was inexperienced and nervous. I didn’t know what news was, and I didn’t know how to write it in a way that would make readers care.

But throughout the years, those insecurities were washed away as I published story after story, spoke with Cal State University officials and sat in on meetings where hundred-million-dollar budgets were being debated.

I took that experience into my position as city editor. In this position, I found, organized and assigned content for the Daily 49er.

Learning to manage a large staff had its trials, but I’ve come to know what it takes to efficiently run a newsroom.

At this point, I’ve developed my skills enough to confidently take the reins and continue this paper’s ongoing development. For the Daily 49er to reach its potential, it needs you.

I know not everyone reads our paper, but everyone should. The more engaged the campus is with us, the more we can do for the campus.

If you are organizing a new club and you think students would be interested in it, give us a call.

If you know a student or faculty member with a compelling story, tell us.

We are the campus’ voice, and the more we hear from the people we work for, the more we can showcase what makes this campus unique.

If there are rules being broken and you know about it, tell us.

If someone is operating unethically or illegally, let us know.

The Daily 49er operates to keep an eye on Cal State Long Beach, and the more the community communicates with us, the better we can monitor campus activities.

Next semester our coverage will continue to expand, and we will dig deeper into the CSULB campus.

But there are some places we won’t be able to touch, some information we won’t be able to find without help. That’s where the readers come in.

More than anything, I want everyone at CSULB to know that the Daily 49er is here for them.

We’ve run several stories this semester that came from students and faculty, sometimes from in-person meetings and others from anonymous tips.

I am excited and anxious to serve the campus next semester as editor in chief, and I assure you that we’ll continue to produce the award-winning content that has come to be expected of us.

Daniel Serrano is a senior double major in English and journalism and the city editor at the Daily 49er.

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