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Chewing the hand that ‘feeds’: 8 scenarios when you shouldn’t tip your waiter

Tipping a waiter or waitress should not always be a given. Here’s eight reasons not to.

Madison D’Ornellas, Opinions Editor

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Waiters and waitresses are supposed to feed you with grace and efficiency. But sometimes you come across a server at a restaurant who blatantly dislikes you.

With more time to go out eat, students should take a second though of tipping their server at Chili’s and their bartender at Legends.

Here are some scenarios when tipping your waiter or waitress becomes unnecessary.


  1. If you live in Europe

Tipping either 15 or 20 percent at any restaurant in Europe is considered “culturally ignorant,” according to travel writer Rick Steves. In Europe, the tip is included in the total of your bill. Sure a Euro or two is a kind gesture, but the next time you’re sitting at a café in Paris, don’t worry about tipping. The crepes aren’t that good.


  1. If your server incessantly flirts with you

Flirting is not in a server’s job description. They are there to serve, not to get a phone number from a guest. If you ever feel uncomfortable at a restaurant because your waiter or waitress is giving you the eye, don’t tip them. The only person that you should be getting hit on by is your date.


  1. If your waiter or waitress messes up your order more than once

Incompetence is embarrassing, especially as a server. If your waiter or waitress is clearly in the weeds with you or your table, no tip or a small tip will suffice. Never mercy-tip. Don’t give your crappy server the impression that he or she is doing well with tipping them 20 percent. Instead of tipping, offer advice and encouragement. “Is this your first day?” “Have you done this before?” You’re not being rude, you’re just hungry.


  1. If you can’t afford it

We all do it. At the end of the meal when everyone is taking out their wallets, you’re the one checking your Mobile Banking app to check your account balance. The bill is $15.00 and you have $16.38 in your account. Don’t tip. Offer to get the tip during the next outing. And if you’re by yourself, be honest to your server. Don’t explain how you don’t have any money because you went to Target before you came to the bar. Simply say thank you for the service and that you’ll get them next time.


  1. If you or your date’s water breaks

Pay the bill and leave. There’s no time when a baby is about to be born. Unless you’re comfortable giving birth in a booth in your neighborhood Chili’s, pay the bill and get to a hospital. Your server will understand.


  1. If you’re really, really old

You need Bingo funds. Your great-grandson’s 18th birthday is coming up and he doesn’t play with Legos anymore. Your pink hair is fading. Save your penny-pouch change.


  1. If you dine-and-dash

If you tip a server before or after dining-and-dashing….just don’t.


  1. If you’re the server

If it’s the end of your shift and you order something off your own menu and your shift partner is “serving” you, don’t tip them. Save your tips and remind your coworker of the party of six that just walked into their section.

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