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Not this, not that: 8 things you shouldn’t do during the first week of school

Madison D’Ornellas and Michael Mendoza

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  1. Money, Money, Money

Budget your money wisely. Do not carelessly waste money on useless luxuries. Instead, take care of your expenses first. Set aside a budget for necessities such as food, laundry and even a party budget if you are lucky enough.


  1. Front and Center

Do not sit in the back of the class. A first impression is a lasting impression. Showing your professors that you are ready to learn and building a rapport with them will make it easier to seek help with class material.


  1. Textbooks?!

Plan ahead when it comes to purchasing your textbooks. One of the main reasons students fall behind on class work is because they do not have the class textbooks. Check the school’s website to find the required textbooks for your classes so you can plan accordingly.


  1. EAT

The first week of school will be more stressful than you think, and having an empty stomach when trying to concentrate on a lecture about a syllabus will be unbearable. Don’t skip food the first week of school. If you can, pack a lunch before you head to school. If there’s no time to toss some sustenance into a brown bag, put aside some money to buy food on campus for in between your classes. Food is your friend, especially at school.


  1. Feel free to Zzz.

Don’t pass up any chance to nap. Like eating, napping is a way to recharge your batteries. Especially with this oh-so-welcoming heat wave in the blinders, trekking up and down this campus will drain you. Find a shady patch of grass, or swipe a chair in the library. Don’t be too cool to nap.


  1. To Rent or To Rent?

Try to rent your textbooks online as much as possible. The cost of renting versus owning will save you a fair amount of money in the long run, instead of getting short-changed by the textbook buyback program. There are some books that are worth keeping throughout your college career and beyond, but not every single one of them.


  1. Just Don’t

Don’t skip class the first week of school…just don’t. For those new to the system, ditching a class the first week could mean forfeiting your spot in the class. Seriously, there are dozens of students on waitlists, waiting for you to ditch class so they can get in.


  1. Who Said Anything About Driving? 

It is daunting. It is madness. It is congested. It is the parking at California State University, Long Beach and I encourage you to do anything and everything you can to avoid it. Apply for a carpool parking pass. Take the bus. Ride your bike. Walk! Trying to find parking on campus, especially during the ongoing construction, is not worth it. Save your sanity.

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