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Letter to the editor: Get rid of concealed weapons on campus

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I was disconcerted to read that concealed weapons are permitted in schools, and more so reading Lt. Richard Goodwin’s comment that based on his observation, he did not view “concealed weapons carriers as potential shooters.”  Everyone was surprised at the massacres that occurred at schools and on campuses around the country.

One can’t help but ask why a person would need to conceal a weapon and bring it onto the campus of Long Beach State, or any other school in California.

President Conoley has announced that CSULB will soon be smoke free.  I can only hope that she and Chancellor Tim White take the lead on a more important safety and health measure and work to make the CSU campuses gun free.


Martin Fiebert, Professor, Psychology

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One Response to “Letter to the editor: Get rid of concealed weapons on campus”

  1. Goat on September 17th, 2015 4:48 am

    Yes, Martin. God forbid someone has a gun to defend themselves from a possible shooter that purposely attack gun free zones. Having no protection works wonders, right?

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