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Letter to the Editor: Voting is the most crucial part of November

With so many options for getting people’s votes, there’s no reason you should not be out there voting.

With so many available options for voting and key issues on the ballot, there's no excuse for not voting.

With so many available options for voting and key issues on the ballot, there's no excuse for not voting.

Photo illustration by Grant Hermanns

Photo illustration by Grant Hermanns

With so many available options for voting and key issues on the ballot, there's no excuse for not voting.


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For decades, Long Beach State has set an example for local activism, community engagement, civic purpose and a commitment to voter participation and election involvement.

With this crucial, fast-approaching election, keep in mind that your vote is the one that counts! The direction of California’s future is on every ballot in every election. The election on Nov. 6 determines who represents us at the federal, state and local levels. Because these representatives decide our policies and priorities, it is important that we elect officials who have the public’s best interests in mind.

It is indisputable that voter apathy this year will result in a more crippled democracy next year. The foundation of our system lies with engaged voters who exhibit a passionate interest for preserving a healthy republic. This year, we note a new option under California Election Law called Conditional Voter Registration. The new law allows each eligible person to register and vote conditionally in person at their County Registrar’s Office up until election day and on election day. Even if you or someone you know has missed the regular registration deadline, you still have the ability to participate.

There are unprecedented efforts this year all across the country to promote voter registration and participation. LBSU’s student government, Associated Students Inc., has been working to register voters, provide comprehensive voter information and has collaborated with the Registrar of Voters to provide an official drop-off location for vote by mail ballots, which is located by the information center on the second floor of the University Student Union. Our university has long been an outstanding civic example for other colleges and has always featured a dedication to embracing our right, our privilege and our responsibility to vote. Strong voting habits not only strengthen our community and university, but also our country and our democracy.

Pollsters don’t decide elections, TV pundits are sensationally cynical and pessimists are to be ignored. As legendary baseball coach Yogi Berra famously said, “Never make predictions, especially about the future.”

Finally, it’s up to each of us. Now we all vote. Go Beach!

Chuck Levin, LBSU class of ‘72, served in student government, wrote for the 49er, coordinated voter registration back in the day and joined Amy registering voters in front of the 49er Shops Bookstore last month.

Amy Chan, a second year at LBSU, currently serves as a senator for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics for ASI.

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