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Promoting social justice

A response to a paid advertisement by Dr. George A. Kuck.


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Injustice can affect anyone, at any time. Current social justice issues, including the NFL protests that target racial injustice, expose the deeply flawed systems that we often take for granted or overlook.

My idea of social justice is the assignment of merited rewards to groups who are marginalized and assignment of punishments to those who marginalize such groups. Some of the social groups marginalized today include women, who continue to make less than men; the African-American population, who encounter racial violence and injustice frequently merely due to skin color; and the LGBT community, who encounter hate speech and bigotry from those who wish to condemn them due to sexual and/or gender orientation.

These are all social injustices because they involve oppression by privileged groups toward marginalized people from other social backgrounds. Our nation is ideal when these groups are no longer oppressed and are treated equally.

I want to focus on the LGBT community since it is most personal to me. Injustice occurs when we are not treated as equally as heterosexual or cisgendered people.

A perfect example of social justice in action came earlier in November with the election of Danica Roem, who became the first openly transgender person elected to Virginia’s state legislature. She faced off against Robert G. Marshall for the position. He used tactics of social injustice, refusing to debate her during the face as well as refusing to refer to her by her proper pronouns. Roem’s election is a win for the LGBT community and shows how a marginalized group such as the transgender community is able to obtain social justice.

Social justice involves treating these groups equally and with respect. Tactics used by bigots like Marshall are examples of intolerance and social injustice for marginalized groups, and we can all learn something from Roem’s election so that we may fight for true social justice.

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  1. You're a cuck on November 21st, 2017 3:20 pm

    LMAO this article is trash

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