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Our View: Fall 2013 was full of delays, transitions for CSULB


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We have seen it all this semester.

From the recent opening of the Parkside College dining hall to the continued search for Cal State Long Beach’s next president, this semester has shown that the university is going through a transitional period.

For most of us, this semester was unlike anything we could have imagined.

Since 2006, students becamse familiar with the face of former CSULB President F. King Alexander.

Since his departure, Interim President Donald Para has taken over and done a fine job.

Being the president of a university with more than 35,000 students is tough. Having an experienced administrator like Para  through this transitional phrase is comforting because he has kept CSULB afloat.

While we are content with Para’s work, though, we are upset with how secretive the presidential search process has been.

Why should students and faculty remain in the dark thoughout the search process?

After all, students and faculty make this university. They help to financially support CSULB and ensure that it offers the best educational experiences possible.

It seems like the Cal State University Board of Trustees is trying to close a curtain over the process, ensuring that we learn who the next president will be only when everyone else does.

Hopefully the Board will advocate for transparency and allow students the opportunity to meet the finalists in the search.

When we return to campus in the spring, we would much rather be greeted by visiting finalists than an email in our inboxes saying who the next president is.

In addition to the presidential search process, we’re upset with the delays in renovations to the Liberal Arts buildings and Parkside College dining hall.

Expecting something to be done on time at CSULB has become foolish at this point. Delays seemed to be the norm this semester.

In the future, we hope the university will meet its deadlines.

Despite the shortcomings this semester, though, we’re excited to see what the future may hold.

We hope the next CSULB president will be committed to students and not afraid to comment on or tackle tough issues.

In a new president, we hope CSULB will get a leader capable of representing us on the national level like Alexander did.

We’re also eager for next semester’s Associated Students Inc. elections.

Last week, the ASI Senate passed a resolution that will allow students to vote on increasing the ASI semester fee from $44 to $60.

Students will also be voting on whether to allow future fee increases to be based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which means students wouldn’t vote on future increases.

We can’t wait to see what students have to say about that.

Let’s just hope they come out and say it.

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