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Our View: FIFA fans’ safer bet is Mexico

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When it comes to the World Cup, the Daily 49er is split almost evenly between the United States and Mexico. Living in the States should give us a natural bias toward our home team, but somehow we just aren’t under the impression that the U.S. team has much of a chance.

Everyone likes an under dog, but the United States may be a little too much of a long shot. On the other hand, FIFA fans are on the edge of their seats watching Mexico play better than any of us can remember in the World Cup.

The U.S. team currently has two games under its belt. We beat Ghana by one point on June 16, and we tied with Portugal on June 22. Thursday, June 26, the United States will play Germany, and we aren’t exactly holding our breath for a win on that match.

Mexico also stands at one win and one tie, and will play again on June 29 against the Netherlands. BuzzFeed Sports reported that “massive fights [broke] out between Mexico and Croatia World Cup fans” sometime during the game on Monday, which hasn’t been the only occurrence of this kind.

We would like to think that U.S. fans would refrain from such behavior, and we think a pretty commonplace lack of interest in soccer across our country will make sure that we do.

It’s probably too early for anyone to call the overall champ of this year’s World Cup, but we think it is probably good enough timing for us to put money on the fact that the United States will not be that team. Mexico’s team may be a safer bet.

Either way, we hope to see some clean games, free from any more literal biting and scratching and fouls. Good luck to both teams.


The following are student opinions we have gathered around campus.


Bradley Tirador, Senior Exercise Science major

“All we (America) need is a draw so I think we got it. They’re gonna be hungry after the last game. I picked Germany to win it all, but I think we’re gonna take it.”

Rogelio Flores, Geographic Information Systems major

“Mexico’s performance has been great. My favorite team player would be Herrera, Hector Herrera. From the US it would be the keeper.”

Evelia A. Castro Marroquin, Geographic Information Systems major

“One of the things that I like about Mexico is that they have a lot of fans and their fans are diehard and they go all the way to Brazil, they went to Africa… They always have the most fans in the stands so I think I really like seeing that and seeing the culture that they bring to the game.”

Kareem Altamimi, junior Machatronics Engineering major

“Mexico is playing really, really good. USA, I never thought they would actually win their first game. They scored a goal within the first minute which was pretty impressive.”



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  1. FIFA on July 21st, 2014 7:11 pm

    A foul occurs during competition and is unintentional.
    Whether you are looking for a wildlife, beach or adventure holiday
    with family, it is all there. No comment on how difficult it will be to play England and Uruguay who Italy do know, or any historical
    context provided on when those two nations last won a cup.
    If it’s from word of mouth – how can you increase the number of referrals you
    generate. With a win, the team will have a real shot at
    a second World Cup title, since Germany and Brazil would be out of
    the way.


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