LBSU athletics raises men’s basketball season-ticket prices

The price increase will fund temporary seating expansion at the Pyramid for the North Carolina game.


A graph comparing four-pack season-ticket prices per person for each game at UC Santa Barbara, Cal State Fullerton, USC, UCLA and Long Beach State.

Amir Vafamanesh & Devin Ugland, Staff Writers

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The Long Beach State athletic department plans to use funds generated from a $125 season-ticket increase to fund approximately 2,000 additional seats that will temporarily be added to the Walter Pyramid for a men’s basketball game against the University of North Carolina next season, athletic director Vic Cegles said Monday.

A family pack of four season tickets for 12 home games now costs $225 — about $4.69 per person per game, a 125 percent increase from last season’s $100 package for 13 contests at the Pyramid.

“Our ticket prices are very low in comparison to other athletic events in Southern California,” Cegles said, “and we do not anticipate any push back from our alumni and fans.”

Despite the increase in cost, other major universities in Southern California, including UCLA, USC, Cal State Fullerton and UC Santa Barbara charge more for similar men’s basketball season-ticket packages.

Four season tickets for UCLA’s 19 home games costs $916 — about $12.05 per person for each game, while USC charges $1,706 for Tier 1 seating for its 17 games at the Galen Center — approximately $25.08 per ticket.

Meanwhile, four tickets for CSUF’s 15 home contests this season costs $540 — $9 per person, while the same package at USCB costs $568 — approximately $9.47 apiece.

The men’s basketball team, which set an attendance record of 5,143 in last season’s home opener against then-No. 25-ranked San Diego State, will be hosting perennial powerhouse UNC on Nov. 18, 2012.

Cegles said that LBSU head coach Dan Monson’s friendship with UNC head coach Roy Williams aided in the process of scheduling the Tar Heels.

“Scheduling a top 10 team at home provides the 49ers and the university national recognition,” Cegles said, “and acknowledges the quality of the program and respect for our basketball tradition. Obviously, winning the game enables you to build a stronger schedule for the future and generates new revenues from ticket sales.”

Despite the seating expansion, Cegles said the athletic department has yet to discuss the number of seats that will be made available for students who are provided complimentary seating with a valid CSULB ID.

“I would anticipate some reasonable and fair cap on students who can attend,” Cegles said. “To be sure, we want to accommodate our most loyal student fans.”

New lights to be installed at George Allen Field

Cegles also said the athletic department plans to begin its $1.3 million lighting project at George Allen Field in mid-October, a process that is expected to be completed by Feb. 1, 2012.

“This will enable athletics, intramural, and club teams as well as the RWC to light various parts of the field for multiple activities,” Cegles said. “You can expect to see night games for our women’s soccer team next season, which will attract larger crowds of campus and community students and fans.”

Cegles added that generating crowds for Friday women’s soccer games at 4 p.m. is difficult, and that adding lights to the field will also help the team attract top recruits.

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