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Super Bowl Commentary: Seattle will prove that defense wins championships by slowing down Denver’s prolific offense


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If I were a betting man, I would not bet on this year’s Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks have such different strengths that the only way to know which is stronger is to play the game. For the purposes of today’s Daily 49er sports section, though, I’m going all in on the Seahawks. Here’s why.

Russell Wilson is no Peyton Manning, but the Seahawks won’t need him to be. With the New Jersey weather, the offensive plan will shift toward the running game, where Marshawn Lynch, Christine Michael and Robert Turbin await.

Even with their stellar defense, the Seahawks will need to eat clock on offense just to keep the ball out of Manning’s hands. They can do that as long as they establish their running game early on.

It’s been well-publicized that with Peyton Manning and his all-star team of receivers, the Broncos are statistically the best offense in the league. Nobody can debate that.

It’s also been well-publicized, though, that with Richard Sherman and Seattle’s all-star seconday, the Seahawks have the best defense in the league. This is the matchup that has already defined Super Bowl XLVIII.

Richard Sherman will once again back up his words by essentially taking Demaryius Thomas out of the game. Everywhere else on the field, the Seahawks have a player that can neutralize one of Denver’s strengths. They won’t be perfect on every series, but in the battle between the NFL’s best offense and best defense, defense will win.

Pete Carroll has a laid-back coaching style that brought him success in college at Southern California and has since translated to success in the NFL. He has experience with big games in college (he led USC to three national championship games), but the biggest game he coached in the NFL was two weeks ago in the NFC championship game.

Big game experience is overrated. The Green Bay Packers won it all with very little Super Bowl experience on their roster in 2011, and the Ravens did the same last year.
When it comes down to it, Carroll is as well prepared to win the Super Bowl as anyone in the Broncos organization. That’s as much as you can ask for from the coaching position.


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