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Moving out is scary, but it’s good scary

Moving out is scary, but it’s good scary

Josh Sepetjian, Staff Writer

March 5, 2019

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The first week I moved out of my parents’ house, I laid on a mattress on the floor, watching “The Departed” at 3 a.m. thinking, “This is adulthood.”    I know that portrays a pretty immature pictu...

Physician-Assisted Suicide, Pro or Con?

Daily 49er Staff

February 18, 2015

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If you are a competent adult, as defined, you could have the right to make the informed decision to kill yourself – legally. Although the U.S. rid itself of the criminalization of suicide decades ago, there has been no softening of the stigma associated with the act of taking one’s own life. The general attitude toward the decision to do so is negative, and in many cases, critical. As a group of “competent” “adults,”...