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Bob Cole Conservatory celebrates 10 years

Bob Cole Conservatory celebrates 10 years

February 28, 2018

Most students who attend the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music practice at least six hours a day, attend all of their classes and juggle jobs and a social life. One thing most of these students don’t have ...

CSULB’s Laptop Ensemble digitalize classical music with Max MSP

Amanda Mercado

April 21, 2015

Filed under Arts & Life

Those sitting in the Daniel Recital Hall on Friday evening were immersed in darkness, save for a flashing screen backdrop and the white laptop glow from Mac’s signature apples. A spider-web of tangled cables flowed from the six performer’s tech-based instruments, producing sounds that ranged from cacophonies to melodies. “Laptop Ensemble and Modular Synthesis” at the Daniel Recital Hall consisted of student and...