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Long Beach nonprofit to provide household essentials for senior citizens

Sarah Amaral, Staff Writer

March 5, 2018

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Walking your local elders down the street isn't the only way you can help them anymore. Heart of Ida, a nonprofit organization in Long Beach, is dedicated to providing everyday necessities to the senior citizen community within the city. Running until March 22, the organization will be collecting wish lists and distributing items to those in need. The nonprofit was created by sisters Dina Berg and Keri Reich after their gr...

Long Beach renters need more rights

Leon Ly, Contributing Writer

February 25, 2015

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The story, “Long Beach renters want more protection” by Branden Raulston printed on Feb. 3 highlighted the fact that tenants often have to deal with slow response times and out-of-pocket expenses for repairs with landlords who do not fix things on time. Many renters such as Alex Giaque wish they had the right to take care of issues without written consent and put the rent money into an escrow account until the landlord...