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Letter to the Editor: Academic Senate and Commencement

Norbert Schürer

February 18, 2018

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Dear Daily 49er Editorial Board, Thank you for your excellent coverage of the ongoing controversy regarding the changes to  our CSULB commencement ceremonies. As chair of the Academic Senate, I am writing to let you know something you probably already realize: As you felt “a lack of communication between the administration and student body” in this instance, we felt a parallel lack of communication between administr...

Letter to the editor: Genocide Awareness Project

Meredith Amon, CSULB Sophomore

April 22, 2015

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Last week, the Daily 49er printed an article about the Genocide Awareness Project. Contrary to what some believe, the pictures GAP uses are authentic and depict the reality of abortion. If abortion is designed to terminate that life by vacuuming or tearing up the child, what does it look like? GAP encourages students to see the evidence in these pictures and to challenge them to do their own research. Just by seeing the...