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Students’ Opinions on LBSU vs. CSULB

December 11, 2017

Is the school changing the name from CSULB to LBSU? If so, what are students' opinions on this? Find out more in this video! No matter the outcome, we're still be known as The Beach!

Student scalpers are getting a wake-up call

Marilyn Ramirez, Opinions Editor

May 25, 2017

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  It’s commencement season and we all know what that means: students have been scavenging for extra tickets, trying to give the whole family a chance to see what is undoubtedly a remarkable accomplishment. These students are given eight tickets each. The school claims that to be the limit, but due to the demand, the school opens a free ticket “sale” for students the week before graduation—which is great. T...

Lahren in the bed she made

Lahren in the bed she made

Micayla Vermeeren, Editor in Chief

March 21, 2017

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I never thought I’d actually be excited to talk about Tomi Lahren. I really, really didn’t. But here I am and here you are, because little miss Lahren’s last few days have been too much to not discu...

Letter to the editor: Genocide Awareness Project

Meredith Amon, CSULB Sophomore

April 22, 2015

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Last week, the Daily 49er printed an article about the Genocide Awareness Project. Contrary to what some believe, the pictures GAP uses are authentic and depict the reality of abortion. If abortion is designed to terminate that life by vacuuming or tearing up the child, what does it look like? GAP encourages students to see the evidence in these pictures and to challenge them to do their own research. Just by seeing the...

Surging changes arise in Schwentke’s ‘Insurgent’

Surging changes arise in Schwentke’s ‘Insurgent’

March 24, 2015

Fiction fans can rush to theaters and cringe, yet again, as they accept and embrace unexpected additions to the film adaptation of “Insurgent.” Director Robert Schwentke adapted the second installment...