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Post election results spark protests

Students, faculty and staff march on campus against Trump’s victory.

CSULB Students mob and rally peacefully to voice their concerns on the new POTUS.

Johnny Romero

CSULB Students mob and rally peacefully to voice their concerns on the new POTUS.

Michaela Kwoka-Coleman, News Editor

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“He’s not our president!”

Hundreds of Cal State Long Beach students, faculty and staff marched from the University Library to the Speakers Platform chanting these words.

Tuesday night when Donald Trump was announced as the winner of the 2016 presidential election, protests broke out across the nation at universities such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, University of Texas- Austin and American University in Washington D.C.

During their march, the protesters carried signs reading, “F*ck Trump,” “I’m not with the orange” and “We have not been defeated, we have been called to organize.”

Once at the Speakers Platform, students, faculty and staff took turns addressing the growing crowd. They spoke about their reactions to Trump’s presidential win and how it has affected them and their families.

One student, who identified as Latinx, said that upon hearing the election results he decided to change his major to political science.

He said he hoped to change the political system from within.

Faculty who spoke encouraged students to continue their education and never stop discussing their beliefs, especially with those whom they disagree with ideologically.

In between speakers, the crowd chanted things such as “education, not deportation,” “united, not divided,” and “no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.”

Earlier in the day, a protest broke out near the Prospector Pete statue on upper campus. The group marched to the Speakers Platform as well.

A sign hung behind the Prospector Pete statue read: “We were fighting yesterday, we fought today, we will fight tomorrow. La lucha sigue”

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