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Spectacle: “The Walking Dead” Season 4, Episode 6 Recap

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"The Walking Dead" Season 4, Episode 6


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We open on the Governor sitting by a campfire. A walker approaches and falls on the fire. The Governor is undaunted and Martinez comes and shoots the walker in the head.

The next morning, the Governor wakes up and sees that Martinez and his other associate, Shumpert, have left him. The Governor takes a truck to the now overrun Woodbury, and sets it ablaze.

Fast forward and the Governor is walking along, still alone. His hair is long and his beard is bushy. He falls over and nearly passes out, when a group of people in a building catch his eye. The group consists of sisters Tara, a former cop, Lily, Lily’s daughter Meagan, and Tara and Lily’s father, who is sick with lung cancer. The Governor gives them a fake name and they agree to let him stay the night.

The grandfather tells the Governor to get him his neighbors backgammon set. He agrees and gets it, finding a mutilated walker in the neighbors bathtub, and a loaded gun. He finishes the walker and takes the gun.

Later the Governor is looking at an old photo of him and his family. He covers the image of himself and falls asleep.

The next morning, Lily goes to give the Governor his gun back but he tells them to keep it as he found a new one. Lily is set back but the Governor tells her that they need to shoot the head of the walker if they want to kill them.

Lily asks the Governor for one last favor: get them more O2 tanks for her father. He only has a little time left, and she wants to make the most of it.

The Governor gets two tanks, but is slightly injured in the process. Lily takes care of him and the Governor shares a moment with Meagan. Meagan asks about his eye and the Governor explains he was protecting someone he loves.

Time goes by and the Governor is now cleaned up. He is playing chess with Meagan, while Lily and Tara tend to their dying father. Lily had Meagan see him one last time, but he soon comes back as a walker only to have his head smashed in by the Governor.

The Governor tells the others he is leaving but they want to go with him. He begrudgingly agrees and they hit the road in an old delivery truck.

While camping out one night, Lily gets cozy with the Governor, and they make love. The next morning the truck won’t start so they head out on foot. Tara injures her ankle and a horde of walkers find them. The Governor carries Meagan and the group run from the walkers through the woods.

The Governor and Meagan fall into a hole with three walkers and the Governor brutally kills them all. He embraces Meagan and consoles her, only to see Martinez at the top of the trap looking down in disbelief.

Comments and Questions

  • It appears that the Governor will be taking over for the next few episodes. He’s become an interesting character and it will be interesting to see how he turns out. Obviously he goes back to the prison, but will he be crazy or reasonable?
  • Meagan has obviously taken over the role of the Governor’s daughter. The only question that remains is will he lose her as well?
  • The Governor’s conversation about chess may be foreshadowing what’s in store.
  • With the Governor going back to his old friends, we may see a parallel between him and Rick in that the Governor may step aside and let other people lead, only to have to take over when disaster strikes.
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