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ASI rallies, puts up a fight for more student voters than Fullerton

Kasia Hall, Staff Writer

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CSULB vying for more voters than Fullerton

As of Wednesday, Cal State Long Beach is putting up a fight in the competition against Cal State Fullerton to register student voters for the November election.

The competition began slowly with 300 CSULB students registered and more than 650 students for CSUF. However, CSULB is catching up with 955 registered students compared to the 1,100 registered at CSUF. Associated Students, Inc.’s initial goal was to register 4,000 voters.

ASI Chief of Staff Austin Metoyer attributed the success to recent trips to the dorms, where 30 students decided to register.

ASI plans to continue their events at the southwest terrace of the University Student Union and the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

The last day to register to vote in the upcoming November election is Oct. 20.


Articles of incorporation resolution put on hold

Recent discoveries regarding the articles of incorporation have put an Associated Students, Inc. resolution on hold.

As reported by the Daily49er on Oct. 5, the resolution entitled “Articles of Corporation Compliance” proposed a change in ASI bylaws to state that the articles of incorporation be made by the Senate rather than a two-thirds vote of the student body.

However, the resolution was put on hold because Richard Haller, executive director of ASI, discovered new information.

Haller said during the ASI meeting Wednesday that the articles of incorporation might be able to be reinstated by the Board of Directors.

The resolution passed its first reading Sept. 29. For now, the resolution has been tabled until ASI has the proper information to continue.


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