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Man reported in CSULB women’s locker room

Jack Chavdarian, Staff Writer

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A man was reportedly in a Cal State Long Beach women’s locker room on Oct. 20.

The incident reportedly occurred in the Physical Education building, University Police Capt. Fernando Solorzano said. Female students were using the locker room at the time of the incident.

This report comes after a man was reportedly seen fondling himself in a women’s restroom stall in the Engineering Computer Science building on Oct. 10.

The suspects’ descriptions are not similar enough to label them as the same person, Solorzano said. In both incidents, the man fled the scene before police arrived and both cases are being treated separately.

Both incidents have followed a case where a man was reportedly seen exposing and touching his genitalia around the Language Arts 5 building on Oct. 8. Police were unable to locate the man since he fled before they arrived.

Second suicide call in a week

A female displayed suicidal behavior at the CSULB west turn-around near Brotman Hall on Oct. 18, Solorzano said. After an interview, University Police decided that she was a danger to herself, Solorzano said. The subject volunteered to be transported to the University California Los Angeles Medical Center for treatment.

This followed an Oct. 11 incident when University Police received a call about a student reportedly on the verge of committing suicide. That student was transported to a hospital for further evaluation.

Vehicle vandalism at RLC dorm

A student found an unknown liquid on his vehicle’s hood and key marks on the left side of his gray Volkswagen Jetta on Oct. 15, Solorzano said. It was parked at Residential Learning Commons, Solorzano said. The student estimated the damage would total $500. There is no subject and the case is under investigation.

Auto burglary on campus

An auto burglary was reported Oct. 16 when a student discovered his stereo missing from his vehicle, Solorzano said. The student locked and secured his vehicle in Parking Structure 1 on the third level. The owner reported $300 in valued losses. The case is under investigation.

Laptop stolen as owner uses toilet

A student reported a stolen laptop Oct. 19, Solorzano said. The student placed the laptop on the hand wash dispenser before stepping into a stall. While the student used the toilet, an unknown suspect walked into the restroom, took the laptop and walked out. The student reported a loss valued at $1,780. It occurred in the Academic Services building in the women’s restroom on the first floor, Solorzano said. The case is under investigation.

Stolen styles

A female student reported Oct. 18 that her laundry was stolen from a washing machine in the Parkside Commons’ laundry room, Solorzano said. The recently washed load of laundry was reportedly stolen while the student stepped away from the machine to get something. The suspect was unseen and the student reported a loss of $200. The case is under investigation.

Parking space smack down

University Police broke up a confrontation between two angry drivers fighting over a parking space on Oct. 15 in Parking Lot 1, Solorzano said. Officers put an end to the confrontation by deciding which driver had the right to use the space. The issue was resolved peacefully and no citations were issued.

Confrontation on Anaheim Street

University Police broke up a verbal confrontation between a male and female on Oct. 18 at 6700 Anaheim Street, Solorzano said. The female was given a ride back to the University Police Department, and was later picked up by a friend. The male was released without incident soon after. 

Not yet, Proposition 19 advocates

University Police received a call Oct. 15 about a complaint over a female suspect in possession of marijuana, Solorzano said. Police discovered the suspect with the substance and cited her for the possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, Solorzano said. The case will now go through the university’s judicial process.

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