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Crime Blotter: Parking structure elevator tagged

Graffiti was found on the northwest second floor elevator in Parking Structure 3. It appears to spell the word

Graffiti was found on the northwest second floor elevator in Parking Structure 3. It appears to spell the word "DID."

Photo courtesy of Physical Planning & Facilities Management

Photo courtesy of Physical Planning & Facilities Management

Graffiti was found on the northwest second floor elevator in Parking Structure 3. It appears to spell the word "DID."

Adam R. Thomas, Staff Writer

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An act of vandalism in Parking Structure 3 was reported to the University Police Department Monday night. The vandalism was graffiti on the northwest second floor elevator that appears to spell the word “DID.”

According to Ricardo Solano, an assistant manager of CSULB’s Physical Planning & Facilities Management department, the graffiti took about one hour to be removed by campus staff.



UPD received a call from a concerned mother to perform a welfare check on a student on Saturday morning. The student hadn’t called their mother in some time, Lieutenant Richard Goodwin of the UPD said. After following up on leads, UPD located the student who turned out to be completely fine.

“They were able to locate the individual, safe and sound,” Goodwin said. “That’s the way I like it – when everything ends up good.”



A female student reported being grabbed inappropriately by a male subject in the residential parking lot at the Hillside dorms last Friday night. The male subject was a CSULB graduate and was a stranger to the female student, Goodwin said.

“What we are looking at in this case is – ‘Do we have a predator? Do we have a threat to the university? Do we have an ongoing threat?’” Goodwin said. “None of which we had. The person was identified, a statement was made, and it’s currently being looked at by investigations. The victim was non-desirous of prosecution.”



UPD received a call for assistance from the Long Beach Police Department on domestic disturbance call taking place near the Beachside dorms. UPD officers arrested a female suspect who had been reported to the LBPD by a 25 year-old male victim. The suspect was taken to the Long Beach City jail.  



There were two cases of vandalism involving racial slurs being written on the walls of men’s bathrooms last week. The first case was in the University Student Union bathroom near the Sbarro restaurant, and was reported to the UPD on Feb. 8. The second case was in Liberal Arts 5, and was reported Feb. 9.

“We try to remove graffiti as soon as possible,” Solano said via email. “Especially if it is racially motivated or explicit in nature.”

Neither Goodwin or Solano could clarify which ethnic group the racial slurs were targeted at. Solano said the graffiti was removed by the custodial crew before he became aware of the content, though he was informed that the slurs were ”very upsetting.”

Goodwin said that UPD detectives are looking into both cases, and that as of right now they did not seem to be directly related to one another.

“Without somebody telling us that they saw somebody or somebody witnessing something, there’s not much to go on,” Goodwin said. “I have no mention that it looks like the same handwriting, leaving us to presume that it’s different people.”


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