Zombies, mutants and talking vegetables

Shilah Montiel | Daily 49er

These mutant characters make up a few of the 11 bandmembers of The Radioactive Chickenheads

Priscella Vega

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The zany mutant punk band, The Radioactive Chickenheads, are performing this Saturday at the Long Beach Zombie Walk. The 11-piece band includes a variety of modified vegetables, fruits and poultry-themed characters with insane masks and bizarre personalities. Their music is made up of punk rock tracks that illustrate their life struggles and adventures as mutants. Although a self-proclaimed punk band, their music caters to all kinds of people, alive or dead, mutant or not, with sounds ranging from reggae to ballads. The band is scheduled to perform this Saturday at 8:45 p.m. at the Zombie Stage.

The Daily 49er spoke to five of the 11 members, including frontman Carrot Top and other band members Cheri Tomato, Frankenchicken and Bonemarrow about the Zombie Walk and their Halloween favorites. 


Q: How did The Radioactive Chickenheads form?

Carrot Top:Well, The Radioactive Chickenheads formed in a laboratory to make giant chicken and vegetable franken-foods. As you can see, we have Frankenchicken (tambourine) here, Sgt. Cyclopes (guitar), the Bonemarrow Master (trumpet), one of the earlier prototypes Cheri Tomato (guitar), I’m Carrot Top (vocals) and a bunch of other radioactive chickenheads that will be there once we play for the Zombie Walk. This is just a small fraction of the band. We’re the more resourceful members; we were able to escape.


Q: How would you describe your sound? 

CT: Probably the most beautiful harmonious sounds to chickens, but to humans, it just sounds a little bit more like punk rock.

Bonemarrow:I’d describe it as salmonella with bananas.


Q: What’s your favorite part about performing live?

CT: Our favorite part is just being able to rock people’s faces off.


Q: What are you looking forward to within the LB Zombie Walk?

CT: Making music for the zombies because, ya know, zombies need music and entertainment too! Most other bands and concerts only cater to the living, but I’d say this is the only music festival that is catering to the living dead.


Q: What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Cheri Tomato:Candy Corn! ‘Cause it’s like your face turned upside down.

CT: I like razor blades in them because, ya know, they clean out my teeth.


Q: Besides your Carrot Top persona, what are you planning to be for Halloween?

CT: Well, I think I’m going to be a dog this year. I want to be a dog, ’cause then I can get away with things that a lot of people can’t get away with like fire hydrants and everything.

Frankenchicken:He wants to hump your leg!


Q: What is your favorite horror movie?

Cheri Tomato:“Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”!

CT:“Night of the Living Bread”! That’s the original one.


Q: What can fans expect for the performance at the zombie walk?

Cheri Tomato: Partial nudity but tasteful.

CT: They should expect for this performance to basically blow out their eardrums with sheer rock and rock. I might show a little glimpse of my knee at the show – but Frankenchicken will keep his pants on.

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