The Twilight Saga: Breaking Yawn Part 2

Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) hangs out with both of his love interests, Renesmee (Mackenzie Fox) and her mother, Bella (Kristen Stewart).

Noel Leon, Assistant Diversions Editor

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The Twilight Saga has been a constant source of terrible cinema for four years and now boyfriends everywhere can finally rejoice, because it’s all over.
“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2” continues where Part 1 left off. Bella, played by the faithfully emotionless Kristen Stewart, is finally a vampire. After four movies of constantly being the helpless heroine, she is able to beat her in-law’s at arm wrestling, run really fast and sparkle like a disco ball every time the sun hits her porcelain skin. But Bella has something most 19-year-old newborn vampires don’t: a half-human, half-immortal baby with a stupid name.
Renesmee Cullen (Mackenzie Foy), is both the youngest addition to the Cullen family and the creepiest thing this franchise has ever seen. When Renesmee is an infant, she has a disturbing computer generated face, which is reminiscent of what was seen in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (2008).
The baby ages at an accelerated rate, and by the time Bella wakes up from her three-day transformation period, Renesmee already has the face of a toddler with a slight resemblance to the murderous Chucky doll from the “Child’s Play” franchise.  
Still, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) can’t help but imprint on the creepy half-vampire, half-human baby.
Imprinting is “a wolf thing,” where a shape-shifting wolf finds its life mate upon first sight. Before calling out pedophile, it should be noted that this does not mean that Jacob wants to make out with a baby; at least, not until she’s grown up.
But Jacob’s imprinting is the least of the Cullen’s problems in this film, because now that the half-baby is around, the Volturi is on its way.
The vampire community’s royal family, the Volturi, led by the sinister Aro (Michael Sheen), is after Bella and Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) love child under the misconception that she is an uncontrollable immortal child. To prove that their daughter is not what Aro thinks, they bring together as many vampires as they can to testify to the Volturi that Renesmee is not a threat to the secret of Vampirism.
This movie is just as yawn-worthy, melodramatic and cheesy as the previous films, with longing looks and awkward sex scenes, but it does have some entertaining aspects.
The plot line that introduces dozens of new vampires improves the supporting cast drastically, and their acting skills breathe new life into this otherwise stale story.
Aside from Michael Sheen’s performance of Aro, which is a mix of evil and kind, new faces such as Garrett (Lee Pace, Pushing Daisies), Alistair (Joe Anderson, Across the Universe) and Benjamin (Rami Malek, The Master) bring a level of class that this franchise has lacked from the get go. The actors portraying these vampires bring out charismatic personalities that seem to be lost on the main cast comprising the Cullen family.
The ending to this movie differs a bit from the book, but before “Twihards” get their panties in a twist, they should know that this minor, yet extremely entertaining addition only enhances their precious story.  
Honestly, the only truly redeeming quality of this movie is the one change made. This singular scene may help the best friends and boyfriends who were dragged to see this awful franchise forget the years of brooding vampire torture, so it’s worth embracing.

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