Spectacle: “The Walking Dead” Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

Damn it, Andrea.


Damn it, Andrea.

Matt Grippi, Diversions Editor

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 Damn it, Andrea.

 A good amount of this season has been spent focusing on which side Andrea is going to pick. Is she going to return to the prison and live with the people who helped her survive this far? Or is she going to side with The Governor in Woodbury where she can take more of a leadership role?

 This episode begins with Rick being told by his son Carl that he shouldn’t be the leader anymore because he’s got a screw loose. Fair point, actually. The gang is still reeling from The Governor’s previous attack. (Poor Axel, nobody seems to remember you’re gone.)

 Merle has become a legitimate part of the group again, which is great because Michael Rooker is awesome and Merle has a sword for an arm. Daryl is responsible for him if he makes any kind of mistake.

 We are treated to some more Daryl/Carol scenes where she tell him his brother is a bad influence on him. This has got to be one of the most forced romances on TV, the chemistry is nonexistant. Maybe there are some “Caryl” fans out there but I am not one of them.

 Back in Woodbury, The Governor is lying and saying the prison gang shot first in order to rile up the town and start his war. Andrea with the help of Milton wrangles a walker, chops his arms off and then disgustingly smashes out his teeth so she can use it to get through to the prison without being smelled.

 On the way they run into Tyrese and his gang! apparently they were let loose from the prison after the meeting with Rick two episodes ago. Really strange way to deal with that storyline. I feel like the writers forgot about these characters for a while. Anyway, they get taken back to Woodbury and it looks like The Governor is going to use them as part of his scheme.
When Andrea gets to the prison, she tries to talk some sense into the group, but is told that The Governor isn’t as innocent as he says he is. No sh*t. She is also told about the various deaths that have happened since she last left, including the most devastating death of them all: T-dog.

Carol gives Andrea the advice to go all black widow on The Governor by banging him and then killing him. She seems conflicted, big surprise.
She also has a meeting with Michonne. These two have more sexual chemistry than Daryl and Carol. Just sayin’. I was glad to hear Michonne have some lines of dialogue instead of just being treated as a katana with legs.

Andrea goes back to Woodbury and seems to be going with Carol’s plan. She gets up from the bed, and nakedly stands there next to the Governor with a knife at his throat… and does nothing.

Andrea: still the worst.

Thoughts and highlights:

-T-dog was mentioned at least three times this episode. I think he has been mentioned more since he died than he had lines of dialogue when he was alive.
-Once again the group has a seemingly limitless supply of working cars.
-Glenn is starting to get on my nerves, he needs to cool it a bit.
-Michonne and Andrea were lovers. I’m convinced.
-Hershel’s ponytail: still lookin’ good.

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